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Looking for a co-working place Hallo allemaal,

I hope this is the right place to add my request.
Sorry for English, I don't know the Dutch yet.
My name's Alberto, I'm from Italy, but willing to relocate soon to the Netherlands. During the beginning of March I'll be in Amsterdam for a while (a week or more) and, as I have to complete some work, I would kindly ask if you know a studio, company, a friend of yours, etc. that let me rent for a cheap rate a desk equipped with a powerful workstation (windows) and with a fast internet connection. I am a 3d professional, very polite, clean and friendly. For more information about me here's my site: Please if you know someone I can contact send me a mail at and I'll add more details. Many thanks in advance to all of yours.
Hopefully you found a place
 3 jaar geleden